Power Stretch touch screen gloves

With smartphones having touch screen interfaces there is an inherent flaw once the cold weather sets in. How do you operate the device while simultaneously keeping your hands warm? Luckily, conductive gloves have solved that issue, but each pair of gloves has its own pros and cons. The “Freehands Power Stretch 5 Finger” gloves are just one example of the many of its kind. A closer look at the specs can help buyers make a more informed decision.
In our current technological age our lives are being more and more digitized through pocket-sized wireless devices. I now have 3 major requirements for the gloves I buy. 1: They are effective and accurate with touch screen devices. 2: They are flexible and maneuverable with good tactile feedback through the glove material. Last but not least, 3: They perform their original duties of glovehood by keeping your hands from turning into frozen finger pops. These gloves perform all 3 magnificently.


  • Effective and accurate conductive fingertips
  • Comfortable 
Grip on palm
    Easy to retrieve items out of pockets
  • Decently insulated (good for mildly cold temperatures)
  • Flexible/maneuverable
  • Compact/packable
  • Low profile look
Large rings can be worn under gloves



  • Conductive fabric on finger tips frays after minimal use
  • Rubber on palms could use more grip
  • Not water resistant (easily remedied with spray on waterproofing)


Cost: $29.00 Rating: 4/5 stars


Should you buy it?: Yes, if you own a touch screen device and your fingers get cold.

To see these gloves or others by Freehands copy and paste the following website into your browser:


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