Whoosh quick screen cleaner

“Whoosh” is an all-in-one eco-friendly liquid spray screen cleaner solution. It’s quick, easy to use, alcohol & ammonia-free, odorless, anti-static, non-toxic and comes in a bottle just within the TSA liquids limit. Included in the package is a microfiber cleaning cloth.

In my testing of this product I found it to be extremely effective for cleaning smudges and dust off of a variety of glass and plastic screens/displays. Very little liquid is needed to get most cleaning jobs done.

I successfully tested Whoosh on the following devices and the results were exceptional.

  • Whoosh successfully tested on these items:
  • MacBook laptop
  • Reading glasses
iPhone (with & without screen protector)
  • Car windshield (inside)
  • Tom-Tom GPS
Solar panels
  • Mirrors
  • Camera Lenses
  • TV
  • Digital photo frame
  • iMac desktop
  • Glass photo frames
  • Glass table



  • Works on all screens and just about everything else as well
  • Very little liquid is needed to get the job done
  • Dries quickly
Microfiber cloth large enough to use whole hand
  • Eco friendly
  • Non toxic
No alcohol or ammonia
Odorless & anti static
Small enough quantity to take on plane



  • Cant find one darn thing wrong with this stuff


Whoosh is Made in Canada (microfiber cloth made in China)


Who should buy it?
Anyone who has gadgets with any kind of screen.

Who shouldn’t buy it?
Hermits in the woods who haven’t heard of electricity.
Price: $20.00
For more information on Whoosh visit the following link:


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