iBallz iPad harness & case

The iBallz shock-absorbing harness consists of 4 foam balls that are connected together by an elastic cord. They each connect to one of the four corners of your iPad. iBallz protects your iPad from medium chest height accidental drops onto flat surfaces.


It also helps protect your iPad from liquids that spill nearby and spread underneath it. However, iBallz alone does not protect your iPad from liquids being spilled directly onto it. There are, however, add-on protective case options available to compliment the iBallz system, such as the iBallz Lid.

The Lid, which is made up of a neoprene-folding sleeve that has a super soft faux-fur inner lining with a semi rigid protective layer in-between, slips between and is held in place by the iBallz elastic cord and your iPad.

An extra layer of this material protects your iPad screen when the side layers are folded in first before the main protective flap is closed. A generous amount of Velcro is used to securely hold the iBallz Lid closed when your iPad is not in use.

This combination of the extremely thick impact protection provided by the iBallz and the added protection of the Lid keeps your iPad safe from minor bumps and spills. These features set this protective shock absorbing system well ahead of the pack in and above its class and price range.


I personally did a drop test with an iPad only using the iBallz harness from standing height onto a hardwood floor and the iPad survived unscathed.

If you want your iPad to be able to survive tagging along on your next adventure, or you just want it to survive living with your family each day, I recommend you seriously consider picking up a set of iBallz and one of their 3 optional cases.

It will be the best iPad insurance plan your money can buy.



  • Extreme tablet protection
  • Works with almost all tablets
  • Turns into vertical or horizontal angled stand
  • Soft inner liner
  • Tough neoprene on outside
  • iPad never touches ground (when on flat surface)


  • Doesn’t provide much water protection
  • Makes iPad much more bulky
  • Flaps get in the way on occasion when using iPad


Price: $9.95

For more information on iBallz products visit the following web link: iBallz.info

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