iVeil MacBook Keyboard Protector

If you ever eat or drink next to your MacBook-Pro or MacBook-Air 13”, then the iVeil Hybrid Silicone Keyboard protector by Green Onion Supply might be just the laptop insurance plan you need. The iVeil is also great for just keeping dust and other gunk from building up on your keys and finding its way into the inside of your Mac via your keyboard. One of the features that make the iVeil stand out compared to its competition is its super slim .25mm thickness. It also has a specialized upper coating that provides a comfortable tactile feel while typing. One problem I did notice during my testing was that the iVeil would on occasion get pulled away from the keyboard when opening my MacBook Air from a fully closed position. It seemed to happen more frequently when I would open the MacBook Air up quickly. It wasn’t a big deal, just a minor occasional inconvenience. Installing the iVeil is extremely easy all you have to do is lay it onto your keyboard and briefly slide it around till it falls into place. Cleaning it is just as easy. Just use some warm water and dish soap or an alcohol swab.


This is a great accessory for anyone who owns a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and wants it protected from spills while it’s in use. It’s a small price to pay to protect your expensive Apple Laptop. I highly recommend it.



  • Extremely thin
  • Offers great protection against minor impacts, spills & debris
  • Very comfortable
  • Good tactile feedback
  • Light from a backlit keyboard is easily visible though it



  • Slightly reduced key letter visibility in low light on non-backlit keyboards
  • When laptop is opened quickly, it sticks to screen frame and is removed from the keyboard
  • Slightly muffles all audio coming out of the internal speakers of the MacBook Air


Price: $13.99

For more info on the iVeil and other products by Green Onion Supply please visit the following link: GreenOnionSupply.com

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