Runnur sling pack

The Runnur is a streamlined cross-sling pack designed to hold your gadgets and adventure essentials. It keeps your pants and shirt pockets from filling up and hindering your movements. The Runnur is designed to carry your cell phone, ID, money, pens, credit cards, compact point & shoot camera, MP3 Player, glasses & a 16oz water bottle with room to spare. It includes a grommet hole with a carabineer at the bottom to hold your keys or other things you want quick access to. It also includes a strip of integrated high visibility reflective tape on the back to keep you safe when around traffic. There is a metal loop at the top for hanging it when not in use. The top of the Runnur is contoured to fit over your shoulder. The inner portion is foam core which makes wearing it quite comfortable. The inner top of the Runnur shoulder strap has slip grip to help keep it from moving out of position while being active.


In my testing, I was very satisfied with nearly all aspects of the Runner. I did feel that having the sunglasses case on the back was a little hazardous to the health of your shades. It states that the sunglasses case is padded but it’s not. It would provide some protection for sunglasses that fold completely flat, but I would not trust it with my wrap-around sunglasses. They would most certainly break if I leaned back against anything while standing or sitting. I did however find this pouch to be quite useful for holding other things. I used it to hold granola bars and a small flat backup battery pack to charge my iPhone.


The reflective zipper pouch just below the sunglasses case is the largest pocket on the Runnur. I kept a spare set of gloves, earmuffs, & a pocket tripod in it all at once. However, there is a downside to this pocket and all the pockets on the back: they get in the way when you sit down. In my tests, it was very uncomfortable to have things in the back pockets and then try to sit back in a chair comfortably. If you are going to be on your feet all day hiking or riding your bike, then by all means cram as much in the back pockets as you want. If you will be leaning back against walls while standing or sitting with a back rest, I highly recommend that you either keep a very limited number of flat items in the back pockets, nothing at all, or take the Runnur off while sitting.


I found a useful feature not described by the manufacture during my testing of the Runnur. The metal loop that is for hanging up the Runnur when not in use can be used to attach various lanyards and small carabineers to further protect your gadgets. The setup I devised utilized another product I recently reviewed, the iKeep. It allowed me to have a lanyard attached to my iPhone even when it was inside the front zipper pocket. That way my iPhone would be protected from bumps and light rain while inside the Runnur, as well as protected from drops while I was using my iPhone outside the Runnur.

The carabineer at the bottom can be utilized for much more then just dangling your keys from it. I was able to clip a small bag of goods to it and reduce the strain on my arms by distributing the weight of the bag more evenly across my back by using the Runnur. Unfortunately, the grommet hole the carabineer attaches to was not quite up to the task, and it started to separate from the fabric of the Runnur. Even though this was not its main purpose, it’s too bad it was not able to carry a heavier load as I could see it being most useful in helping to carry an extra bag of groceries, for example. I also found the carabineer useful for clipping to certain pants that have a loop near the right pocket. This helps stabilize the Runnur from bouncing or sliding when you are doing an activity such as running, biking or climbing.


The water bottle pouch on the lower back of the Runnur worked out great in my testing. It has elastic around the middle and a second strap of elastic at the top that holds your bottle in by the neck. I was able to reach behind with my left hand to pull out and to put back in a water bottle with little to no difficulty.

I found the zipper wallet pocket on the front much more suited to holding my iPhone SE since the lower Velcro flap pockets wound not protect an iPhone from much precipitation since the flap is not as wide as the pocket and leaves whatever is put into the pocket partially exposed to the elements.

I suggest anyone who purchases the Runnur to invest in some waterproofing spray as I did. Without it, your equipment would be at serious risk in anything more then a light sprinkling of rain.


I was extremely satisfied with the overall performance of the Runnur even when completely packed full of as much stuff as possible. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be able to bring a small collection of gadgets, snacks, & water wherever they venture.



  • Holds many your gadgets
  • Built-in zipper wallet section
  • Comfortable
  • Reflector on back for safety
  • Holds standard 16oz. water bottle
  • Quick access clear ID slot covered by Velcro flap



  • Grommet hole at bottom can’t take much weight
  • Not water-resistant
  • No mini carabineer attached inside pockets
  • Pocket for sunglasses best used to keep anything but sunglasses


Who would like it?

  • Day hikers
  • Cyclists
  • Geocachers
  • Urban adventurers
  • Daily commuters
  • World travelers

The Runnur comes in the following colors: canvas, plum, black w/red stitching, silver, & black w/black stitching. It comes in sizes: small, medium, & large.

Price: $39.00

For more info on the Runner visit the following web links:


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