Scooter iPhone Stand

The Scooter made by Insanely Great Products is a small, inexpensive dual suction cup iPhone stand made of sturdy acrylic with a non-skid base. It comes in 8 colors. It is designed and handmade in Silicon Valley, CA. The reason for the second suction cup is three-fold. It allows a user to choose either a 45 or 60 degree angle for different viewing situations or to reduce or eliminate glare from a nearby light source. It also can sit on your shoulder to assist you while attempting to talk on the phone while using both hands, reducing the painful angle your head has to be at to hold your iPhone between your ear and your shoulder. I tested this feature and it was fairly effective. The other function the secondary suction cup can serve is to suction the stand to some other flat surface while the iPhone is mounted to the stand as well. This can be useful when watching a movie on a plane or mounting to a car windshield.

In my testing I found the mount works best when the iPhone is mounted to the suction cup that is at a 45-degree angle in either the horizontal or vertical position. The 60-degree angle has a couple issues unfortunately. With an iPhone mounted on the 60-degree angle suction cup. The weight of the iPhone nearly overcomes the center of balance of The Scooter making the iPhone susceptible to falling flat on its face while still attached to The Scooter with just a light tap. The same problem exists with the iPhone mounted vertically on the 60-degree but to a much lesser extent. The problem can be overcome by mounting the suction cup as far up on the iPhone as you can so that the bottom of the iPhone makes contact with whatever surface the Scooter is resting on. This can also be resolved by connecting your iPhone to your charging cable while mounted to The Scooter.

The Scooter is compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or other gadget that is not too heavy, a smooth enough back, and enough surface area for the suction cup to attach to. The Scooter is also compatible with many iPhone cases as long as they meet the above-mentioned criteria of large enough smooth surface on back. Sorry all you folks out there with rubberized iPhone cases such as the Otter Box.

Be careful not to mount your iOS device to the Scooter while near the edge of your desk or table. Not moments ago from writing this sentence my iPhone slipped off the Scooter and slid off my desk due to situating it too close to the edge. Luckily, I caught it before it hit the floor. I don’t suggest using it on the dashboard of your car. It just doesn’t have enough weight on the bottom and not enough base surface area to keep it stable while executing turns in your car. I do however absolutely recommend it for at your desk. I am using it right now at my desk and will probably keep it there for future use. Just remember to keep it away from the edge, and it will work just great. I really like how it doesn’t get in the way of charging my iPhone. It makes my iPhone so much more effective while working at my desk. No more having to pick up my phone to see what’s on the screen while I’m typing on my Mac. Works great for Skype or Face Time calls too. Not having any little moving parts makes the Scooter a fairly sturdy iPhone stand. Unfortunately this is also a little bit of a drawback. It isn’t super portable but it will fit just fine in a backpack or suitcase. When it’s all said and done, the Scooter is a great little device that greatly compliments the iPhone for a wide variety of tasks, and it does it all for only $15. If you’re looking for a small, simple, sturdy, multipurpose stand for your iPhone and want to save a few bucks and buy something made right here in the USA, then I highly recommend you seriously consider the Scooter.



  • Small
  • Convenient
  • Great for movies
  • Durable construction
  • Base has good traction
  • Bluetooth keyboard typing
  • 2 viewing angles to eliminate glare
    Fairly reliable suction cup adhesion
  • iPhone can be plugged into charging cable while on the Scooter
  • Perfect for Face Time or Skype calls
  • Can hold a small smooth backed solar panel at proper angle to the sun



  • Requires iPhone with no case or a case with a smooth surface on back
  • Unstable when iPhone is mounted on 60 degree angle suction cup
  • Too unstable for use on dashboard of car Not “in your pocket” portable


Who is this for? People with iPhones who:

  • Video chat
  • Watch movies
  • Always have both hands full
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard

Who is this not for? People who:

  • Want to use their iPhone for GPS navigation in the car
  • Want an iPhone stand that will fit in a pants or shirt pocket
  • Have their iPhone in a rubber case such as an Otter Box or other non flat backed cases.

Price $15.00

For more info on the Scooter visit the following link:

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