VW Camper Van Tent

Are you’re tired of owning boring tents that look like everyone else’s around the campground? If so, you need to check this out – a VW Camper Van Tent! If you own or have owned a Volkswagen of any kind then this is definitely right up your alley. As a VW owner or nostalgic collector, this tent will satisfy the dream of finally possessing something ridiculously awesome!

The VW Tent is a full sized replica of a 1965 T1 VW camper van and is officially licensed by Volkswagen. It comes in red, blue, and peppermint green. Not only does this tent stand out in a crowd, it’s also is very functional. There is enough head room to fully stand up in any part of the tent, and this is a major improvement over dome tents where you can only fully straighten up in the middle. There is room to comfortably sleep up to 4 people with ample room left for each person to have a medium sized backpack with them.

The tent consists of a floorless outer rainfly tent that looks just like a VW camper van and a fully-enclosed inner tent with two zipper doors with fly netting as well as a built-in waterproof ground sheet. Each of the two zipper doors open up into one of the two inner rooms, which is divided by a zippered dividing wall that can be tied open. I would recommend putting down a tarp first to protect the built-in floor from sharp sticks poking though. The frame is a combination of metal and synthetic poles (mostly metal). It does make the overall package quite heavy. However, they are also very necessary to create the shape of this tent and make it strong and durable. It’s not the kind of tent you want to have to carry more then a few hundred feet at a time., but it’s perfect for pull-in car campgrounds where you don’t have to walk far from your car to set up your tent.

The first time I set it up, I enlisted the help of two friends to assist me. I do think it can be done with only two people once you get used to the setup process though. Also, each of the poles has a little sticker marking which pole it is so that you can follow the assembly process in the manual. I found the stickers came off easily and some had fallen off before I had even initially opened the tent bag. To the manufacturer, I would suggest utilizing a better sticker label that doesn’t fall off so easily (or engraving each pole with the proper markings). To the end user, I would suggest this simple solution that I found works just fine: put some clear packing tape over each label.

The build quality seems high and the zippers seem quite sturdy. The metal frame and synthetic poles are thick and should outlast the rest of the tent. The inner tent has two built in hooks, which can be used to hang a small lightweight lantern. There are also several built-in pockets along the lower edge of the inner tent. The outer tent attaches to the frame by little Velcro loops that wrap around each metal pole. The inner tent then attaches to the frame inside the outer tent. Unfortunately, the only ventilation is at the double door fly netting on only one side of the tent. I suggest keeping this tent in the shade if you plan on using it during hot summer days as it does heat up a lot inside when in direct sunlight. It’s too bad that a couple of the van windows didn’t actually zip open with fly netting to improve ventilation.

The outer tent can also be used without the inner tent as a sun tent on a beach or over a small table for dining. On the front and back of the VW Tent there are clear plastic sleeves over each license plate where you can insert your own custom license plates. The tent has ropes on all corners for stabilizing it during windy conditions as well as loops for the included stakes around the bottom of the tent. I was impressed with how well the frame of the tent so accurately mimicked the shape of a real VW camper van. The image of the VW Van on the tent is very accurate and detailed. The hubcaps, headlights and windows have been made to look like they are glistening in the sun. It’s a nice little touch to an already very impressive product.

To sum things up, this is one of the coolest tents I have ever used. If you can afford the price tag, I recommend it for anyone who wants to add a bit of classic car flare to his or her camping excursions.


  • Ridiculously good looking
  • Tons of room (sleeps 4 people)
  • Stand up straight anywhere in the tent
  • Great build quality
  • Comes with a well-made carrying bag and stakes
  • Zip open room divider
  • Two doors, one for each room
  • Transparent sleeves for custom license plates


  • Doesn’t pack down small
  • Very heavy for a tent
  • Poor ventilation
  • Setup is a bit tricky
  • Expensive


Measures about: 13 feet(L) x 6 feet(H) x 5 feet(D)
Packed up measures about: 3 feet (L) x 1 foot (H) x 1 foot(D) Weighs approximately 27.6 Pounds

Price: $499

Made in China

For more information on the VW Camper Van Tent, visit the following web link: https://www.amazon.com/Monster-Factory-Volkswagen-Camper-Camping/dp/B01LXP4JZ2

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