Freaker Beverage Insulator

Time to get your freak on this summer! Isn’t it a pain when you pick up your recently purchased cold beverage only to find it has warmed up to room temperature? Cue the Freaker. The Freaker is a knit cozy that can fit on just about every beverage container on the market.

The stretchy properties of the Freaker are quite impressive. I was even able to fit a one onto a large 2-liter soda bottle. Freakers aren’t only useful for keeping your drinks cold, they can keep them warm too if you like. Another plus is that they are also useful for protecting glass bottles from cracking if bumped.

The insolation capabilities are able to maintain the initial temperature of your beverage much longer than without a Freaker. I did think that the inside of each Freaker beverage insulator had too many threads that could get caught on stuff and accidentally get cut or torn. A possible solution might be to have a stretchy fabric lining the inside. Freakers come in a wide variety of colors and designs including tuxedos, robots, flags, King Kong, The Statue of Liberty, stripes, hearts, skulls, penguins, pandas, and many many more.

If you are looking for a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to keep your drink cool in more ways then one in the summer heat, then I highly recommend you consider taking a look at the Freaker to remedy your warm drink woes.


Price: $9.99

Made in USA
For more information, visit the following web-link:

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