Charger Pro 4 USB Charging Station

Looking for a simple solution to the problem of not having enough wall outlets for all those little single port USB chargers you travel with? The Charger 4 Pro by Arctic is a four port USB wall charger that packs a mighty power punch and might be just what you are looking for. It has an output of 2,500mA, which is the highest output I have ever heard of. It has a standby mode circuit that allows it to consume less power when left plugged in and not in use, thus saving you money. It also has built-in circuits to protect your gadgets from short circuits, over-current, and over-voltage.

The Charger Pro 4 comes with interchangeable wall plugs that allows you to charge in the US, UK, & EU. It can be powered from outlets that provide 110v – 240v, and also comes with a 2 year limited warranty. The weight of the Charger 4 Pro is 0.5kg.

In my testing, I found this handy gadget was able to simultaneously charge 4 iPhones successfully. It is also capable of charging 3 iPhones and 1 iPad as long as you make sure the first 3 devices you plug in all have their screens off in sleep mode before you plug in the fourth device. If you plug them all in while they each still have their screens on, they seem to draw too much power (the iPad seems to be the main culprit here), and it begins to make the charging beep sound as well as flash the charging symbol. Just make sure the iPad is plugged in with the screen asleep if you plan on plugging in 3 iPhones along with it. If you plug in only 2 iPhones with 1 iPad, then the problem doesn’t exist. 2 iPads can be charged simultaneously as well. In my testing, I also found that the Charger Pro 4 could charge a single dead iPhone up to 100% in 2.5 hours.

I definitely recommend the Charger Pro 4. It is perfect for those individuals who need to charge several USB devices at the same time and don’t want to carry around several USB chargers that each require their own AC outlet, which takes up more space.


  • 2,500mA output
  • International adapters included
  • Charge up to 4 USB devices at once
  • Works on 110 & 240 volts
  • Circuits to protect your gadgets
  • Energy saving low power mode


  • Can’t charge 4 iPads at once
  • No included ability to charge from a car
  • No built in battery


Power Output per device per port:

  1. 2,500mA
  2. 1,250mA
  3. 830mA
  4. 630mA


    Price:  $17.99
    Made in China
    For more information, please visit the following web link:

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