Wonder Wash travel washing machine

Time to get your green on while you wash your clothes. The “Wonder Wash” will allow you to do a small load of laundry without using any electricity at all and very little water. How is the Wonder Wash powered, you might ask? Take a look in the mirror because that power source is you! The Wonder Wash is hand- cranked and is mounted on a small frame. Nearly all the parts are made of plastic. This worried me at first glance, but I soon found out that this allowed the Wonder Wash to be very light weight and much more portable.

It is capable of holding up to 5 pounds of clothing in its 12″ x 12″ x 16″ drum. I was able to wash various small loads of several shirts, a dozen pairs of socks and underwear, or a couple pairs of pants at a time. Hardly any detergent is necessary. I used about a tablespoon for most loads, and it seemed to work just fine. With each full load, I filled the Wonder Wash up about half way with water. After only a few minutes, I stopped to drain the water and boy, did that water come out dirty. I definitely didn’t expect this device to get that much grime and dirt out of my clothes after just a few minutes.

A problem I did notice was that the plastic frame is not extremely strong. I recommend you never attempt to fill the Wonder Wash completely full of clothes and water. I just don’t think it can handle that kind of weight. The next problem is with the metal pin that attaches the drum to the stand. I accidentally placed my hand near it as I was rotating and my finger was pinched pretty badly between the metal pin and the plastic frame. I didn’t sustain any permanent damage, but I suggest you keep your hands far away from the two pivot points on this device while it’s in operation. Another issue is the size of the washer. While it is very small for a washer, it could only come with you on trips that you have enough room for it. If you enjoy extended camping trips, and you have a very small car with limited space, you might not have room for the Wonder Wash.

In my testing, I found that just one rinse cycle wasn’t quite enough if you have fairly dirty clothes. I ended up doing about five rinse cycles after the one wash cycle. I was very surprised with how much dirt came out when I drained the water. The reason I kept doing more rinse cycles was that the water coming out of the Wonder Wash was still not clear after the first couple rinses. In the process, I ended up using a total of 36 quarts of water. This, however, is not the amount of rinses or quantity of water necessary to get the job done. I happen to be cleaning clothes that were quite dirty and required a longer wash cycle and more rinse cycles. Furthermore, getting your clothes back to 100% clean while camping is not a necessity for many. If the clothes you are washing are only a little grungy from normal use, then one wash cycle and one rinse cycle in the Wonder Wash will be more than enough to get them smelling and looking clean and fresh once again. In which case, you will only need to use a total of 14-15 quarts of water as apposed to the 36. How much water you need comes down to a few key questions you should ask yourself before you begin: How many clothes need to be washed? How dirty are those clothes? How clean do the clothes to be? And most importantly: How much water are you willing to spare to clean those clothes?

I found the Wonder Wash to be a great solution for washing small loads of your clothes if you like to vacation in a travel trailer, in a small remote cabin, while car camping, or if you just want to cut back on your electricity and water usage. It would also be great for those hand washable items. What I liked about it the most was that I didn’t have to pack as many clothes to bring with me on extended trips if I brought along the Wonder Wash. It is effective, affordable and a great backup means of doing the laundry if the power goes out. I definitely recommend it.


Price: $45
For more information, please visit the following web-link: www.laundry-alternative.com

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