Nomad Compose iPad paintbrush stylus

Okay all you artists out there who own iPads and wish you could have a more realistic painting experience, then painting with your finger or a rubber-tipped stylus that feels like a ballpoint pen. The Nomad Brush seeks to make your virtual painting experience more realistic with actual brush tips made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The body of the Nomad Brush is made from precision milled aluminum.

There are two brush tips included: one is the paintbrush, which is 0.7″ long. The other is the new .05” long glide bevel tip. Both tips can be attached at either end simultaneously. This allows for quick switching between the two tips by simply turning the stylus around to use the other end. Also included is a nice plastic carrying case, which keeps the delicate brush tips from accidentally being damaged while in transit. The included case is slim, making it easy to carry in a pocket purse or backpack.

I am certainly not an artist when it comes to painting or drawing. However, I have used quite a few different styluses, and each one I tried a few doodles with. The Nomad Brush felt the most natural out of them all when it came to painting on an iPad. I did have a little trouble using the Nomad Brush as a normal stylus with other non-drawing/painting apps. The shorter tip did seem to work better for regular iOS usage, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a task-specific accessory, I don’t recommend it if you want an all-in-one stylus that works well with every single app in the app store. Speaking of apps, that is a major factor in the performance and effectiveness of any stylus. I suggest you do your homework and find a quality drawing/painting app if you are going to invest in a paintbrush stylus. I have included a link below to the recommended list of apps for the Nomad Brush.

Something I would have liked to have seen included or at least as an optional add-on to the Nomad Brush is a rubber stylus tip. Possibly, a fine tip and thick tip should have been included to give potential customers more variety to choose from when shopping. Since these tips are removable and replaceable, I would have thought this would have been a no brainer feature to have available. This would draw in those customers looking for more of an all-in-one, do it all, paintbrush stylus.

If you are a die-hard artist with an iPad, then this is definitely the paintbrush stylus you want. If you just like to doodle on occasion and want a stylus that quickly slips in and out of your pocket without having to first put it in a case, then I suggest a regular rubber tipped stylus will be more to your liking.


Price: $35
For more information, please visit the following web-link:
Apps recommended by Nomad Brush:

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