Soloist cook set & ultralight kettle

GSI Outdoors makes a wide variety of really cool camping cookware gear. Amongst them are the Pinnacle Soloist cook set and the ultra-light teakettle. The Soloist can hold 14 fl. oz., weighs in at 10.9 oz., and has the following dimensions: 5.00″ x 5.40″ x 5.50″. Made with a rubber coated folding handle and a non-stick Teflon coating, it also comes with a vented plastic lid/strainer, insulated plastic bowl, collapsible plastic Spork, and a carrying pouch that doubles as a sink. Even though I would have preferred that the lid and bowl be made of metal and not plastic, they both seem quite sturdy.

The teakettle can hold 1 qt., weighs only 5.8 oz, and is 6.30″ x 6.00″ x 3.20″ in size. Both the teakettle handle and the lid handle are rubber coated. If you want a teakettle for camping, this is the one to get.

Both of these cookware items seem to me to be well-made, lightweight, and durable. If you need camping cook gear that just works whether it is used for tailgate camping or backpacking, you should consider checking out GSI Outdoors.


Pinnacle Soloist: $44.95

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