Rugged zip off pants fit for an expedition

The Gaiter Trousers by Fjallraven provide you with amazing protection and functionality for adventuring in the great outdoors. They are made of wind and water resistant heavy duty G-1000 and Eco G-1000 that consists of 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton.

The biggest feature of these pants is their ability to convert into shorts with zippers on the pant legs. These pant legs also contain all the capabilities that give these pants their namesake. That is to say that the pant legs also double as gaiters. They accomplish this with a built-in draw cord at the calf to hold up the gaiters on your legs, built-in boot hooks at the front hem, as well as built-in grommets on either side of each pant leg so that a cord could be tied between them under each hiking boot. No cord is included for this feature, so you will have you rig one up yourself.

The next stand-out feature of these pants is the large vertical zipper vents, one on each side, along the cargo pockets. These vents really come in handy for regulating your body temperature when exerting yourself with fun activities or with fluctuating ambient temperatures. However, they do go up fairly high along your leg, so if you are wearing boxers or boxer briefs you might end up showing them off to the public if your vents are open. This isn’t really a problem at all considering these pants are made for use in remote areas where someone seeing the corner of your underwear isn’t that big of a deal.

On the front of each pant leg, there is a large cargo pocket that can hold one of the folded up zip-off pant legs each. Even with the pant legs in the pockets, there is still plenty of room to hold a map, compass, GPS, several granola bars, mini water bottle, box of matches, and a pocketknife all at the same time. With these cargo pockets situated on the front of the pants instead of on the sides, it makes accessing your vital gear much easier when doing activities such as kayaking, biking, motorcycling, or just plain ole driving in your car. If you still have more gear that you would like to store in this pair of tough trekking trousers, then you can still cram the two regular front and back pockets with your remaining small essentials.

The knees, gaiters, seat and pockets have heavy duty G-1000 fabric that is thicker and more durable than the rest of the pant fabric. This insures that those high use areas have a better likelihood of surviving the rigors of adventuring in the wilderness, (not to mention better protection for the person wearing them).

During my testing of the Gaiter Trousers, I utilized them on a backpacking trip and while kayaking, mountain biking, and on day hikes. During each excursion, I found these pants to perform above and beyond all other pants I have ever utilized. That’s saying a lot considering I have been going camping my whole life, not to mention the countless backpacking and snow camping trips during my 14 years as a scout and adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America. If you are looking for an amazing pair of pants that laugh in the face of rugged terrain, then I recommend you take a good long look at the Gaiter Trousers No.1 by Fjallraven.

Designed in Sweden

Made in Hungary

Price: $300

For more information, please visit the following web-links:


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