Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Get out and do some real camping in the backcountry with the Scout3400 Internal Frame Backpacking Backpack by Teton Sports.

The Scout 3400 weighs in at 4.5 pounds, external dimensions of 33”x17”x12”, and an internal capacity of 3400 Cubic Inches / 55 Liters. There is an internal pouch, which holds a hydration bladder as well as a dedicated opening for your hydration tube. The waist belt is adjustable between 26” – 60” and the torso length is adjustable between 15” – 19.5”. There is also a lumbar pad for comfort and airflow channels along the back for ventilation.

One of my favorite features of this backpack is all of the great built-in mesh pockets. It has a lot of useful features such as the tie down straps for tents and/or sleeping pads, large external pockets, many connection points, and bungee stash cords that give you quick access to your important gear. There are even little rotating clips on each shoulder strap to attach your drinking tube, which I thought was a particularly nice touch.

The Scout 3400 comes in Mecca Orange and Hunter Green with the integrated water-resistant rainfly in bright yellow on both models. I really like that this bag has an option to come in a bright color. Even if you don’t like to backpack along roads, you will inevitably find yourself having to do this for one reason or another. With that in mind, it’s definitely safer to have a brightly colored backpack as opposed to one with colors that make you nearly invisible to traffic. Personally, green is my favorite color, but when it comes to hiking anywhere near speeding cars, I definitely want a more visible color (such as with the Mecca Orange version of this bag).

The build quality of the fabrics, plastic connectors and zippers seems to be quite high. Another feature I like about this backpack is its large separated internal compartment and the lower zipper access. This allows you to gain access to the lower part of the bag without having to dig down from the large main drawstring access at the top (a process that usually involves having to remove most of your gear from the main compartment before you can get to the stuff at the bottom). The fabric wall that separates the two sections can be unzipped, allowing you a more traditional single large storage compartment if desired.

A few little things that I would have liked to have seen built into this backpack would be pockets on the padded waist belt as well as on the shoulder straps to allow quick access to a few small items without having to take the bag off of your back. I would have also liked each of the pockets to have a small internal clip for attaching small items such as keys, pocketknives, or other tools or camp gadgets. This would prevent those items from potentially falling out of the backpack or slipping to the bottom of the pocket where they are harder to access. One last thing I would have expected on this bag was a whistle built into the chest strap buckle. Unfortunately, this was not included. This is getting a little picky, however many backpacks have this feature now so it’s kind of strange to see a bag without one.

None of these missing features either individually or combined are a deal breaker. In fact, even without those elements, this bag is now one of my favorite backpacks. The little frills it might lack is more than made up for with its high level of durability, functionality, wide range of capabilities, customizability to the users size/shape, and adaptability to each individual’s preferred method of packing a backpack.

I highly recommend the Scout 3400 backpacking backpack to anyone who wants their next backpack to be able to conform/adapt to their specific style of backpacking and not the other way around.


Made in China
Price: $64.61-$69.99
For more information, please visit the following web-link:


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  1. I own a Teton Sports Scout 3400 myself, and I must say that I really enjoy it. It holds a lot of equipment and with the shoulder pads and padded waist belt, it really takes a load off of your back. The built in rain cover is another great feature.


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