ThermaCELL Portable Butane Mosquito Repeller

If there is one thing that every single person hates while camping: it’s suffering through a never-ending swarm of mosquitoes. Most people would rather deal with a torrential downpour or miss a meal than deal with those pesky blood suckers. They spread diseases, make you itch like crazy, and are just plain annoying.

I never enjoyed having to coat my skin with lotions and sprays to keep bugs off. Even when I do, they don’t always work! The “Mosquito Repellent Appliance Camper’s Starter Kit” by ThermaCELL eliminates the need for that old ritual. It does this by safely burning butane gas internally to heat a plate on which blue mosquito repellant mats are placed. As the mats heat up, they release a nearly odorless smoke that repels mosquitos, black flies and many other biting insects. While operating an area of 15’x15’ feet will be protected after it has been running for 10-30min. This is, of course, as long as there is not a breeze.

The Camper’s Starter Kit includes 9 repellant mats, each of which will last approximately 4 hours. 3 butane cartridge are also included and will last up to 12 hours of use each. A holster with an integrated rotating clip is also included in the Camper’s Starter Kit. The device weighs 0.7 lbs. and will easily fit in any backpack. Just make sure you turn it off before packing it up and only use it outdoors. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent products are registered with the EPA and are used by the US military.

After testing it on a two-week camping trip, I found it to be very effective and easy to use. You can either roughly keep track of how long you have been using each blue repellant pad in order to know when to switch it out for a new one, or you can just wait for each pad to turn white which indicates it has run its course.

For those that frequently deal with mosquitos or other annoying insects while camping, I suggest you seriously consider checking out ThermaCEll’s repellent products. They work great and are worth every penny.


Made in Thailand

(repellant mats made in Italy, butane cartridges made in Philippines)

Price: 44.99

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