Toasty Tush insulated camp chair cover

Anyone who has been camping in less than perfect weather conditions and has used those collapsible camp chairs knows how poorly most of them are insulated. Yes, you can drape a blanket over the chair, but you inevitably end up with half the blanket in the dirt and mud, and it never works very well.

The Toasty Tush solves this with its internal layer of aluminum-backed insulation filled with air pockets. Trapped air works as a great insulator and is used in all kinds of cold weather gear. What really sets the Toasty Tush apart from other chair warmers is that you don’t need batteries, and you don’t have to microwave it (nor should you with that aluminum in there!). The layer of aluminum reflects your radiated body heat back at you, keeping your previously icy backside nice and toasty warm. The Toasty Tush is 36”x 24”x 4” weighs in at less than a pound and will fit most adult camp chairs. The fabrics used are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available, and there are even junior and mini versions.

I found the Toasty Tush quite comfortable and easy to install on any camp chair. It also rolls up quite nicely and has built-in elastic straps to keep it rolled up. On one occasion, I used it as a makeshift sleeping pad when I forgot to bring one on a trip. It actually worked better than I had expected and definitely better than no padding at all. I also found it to work well on nearly any kind of chair or car seat, not just camp chairs.

If you never want your keister to get cold while sitting in your camp chair again, then the Toasty Tush is your best bet. I highly recommend getting one for each camp chair you own. You won’t regret it.


Made in Canada

Price: $30.00

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