Teva Riva Waterproof Winter Hiking Boots

Be prepared for chilly weather this season with a pair of boots that will not only keep your feet toasty warm but nice and dry as well. The Mens Riva Winter Mid WP hiking boots from Teva will do that and more with ease.

Never before have I worn a brand new pair of hiking boots that fit so well and felt like they had already been broken in. With boots this comfortable, I feel like wearing them around the house everyday. Yet, even with all that comfort, they also provide a tremendous amount of ankle support. It’s very protective against harsh environments as well. Around the toe of the boot is a thick layer of rubber, which stands up to the elements and protects your toes when you bump them into stuff.

The soles of the boots have rubber that’s a bit softer than your average hiking boot. This provides much better traction and, in turn, stability while walking in icy conditions. Furthermore, these boots stand up to wet conditions like a champ. Every single time I was near water while wearing them, I would go out of my way to step into every puddle, stream, creek, lake, or ocean I came across in my travels. Not once did I have any water leak in through the wall of the shoes. nor did my feet get cold at all during my testing in winter conditions. Just be sure to wear a good pair of wool socks if you plan on being out in the cold for an extended period of time. I never kept them underwater for very long periods, just a few seconds of dunking every couple minutes while walking along various freshwater and saltwater shorelines to replicate their intended use.

Even though these boots are designed for cold weather, I felt I should try them in some heat as well. I wore them on a backpacking trip this summer and they were perfectly fine. I found that the extra traction from the soft rubber soles came in handy for scrambling up and over boulders.

After using these boots in the winters of Northern Idaho, on the rainy beaches of the San Juan Islands, while kayaking the various inland waterways of the California Bay Area, on many day hikes and a backpacking trip, several all day long mountain biking adventures, a two week camping trip, and even a trip to Australia, I must say these are an amazingly durable, comfortable, and weatherproof pair of hiking boots. They are probably the best pair I have ever owned. The next time you need a new pair of boots, go try on a pair of Teva Riva Winter Mid WP hiking boots. I bet you will like them as much as I do.


Made in Thailand

Price: $170
For more information, please visit the following web-links:

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