Hydra Quiver SUP-SIP leg holster water bottle

Anyone who enjoys getting out into the great outdoors for adventurous activities such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or paddle boarding will know that one can work up quite a thirst. The Hydra Quiver SUP-SIP leg holster water bottle by Orange Mud allows you to carry 24 ounces of fluid on your choice of leg, thus freeing up your back from those sweat inducing water- bladder backpacks.

The SUP-SIP has a zipper pocket large enough to hold a smartphone, wallet, or a few granola bars. Just make sure you keep your stuff in a waterproof case or bag if near any body of water. Inside the zipper pocket, there is even a handy little clip attachment to help keep you from losing your keys or other valuables. A nice addition to this product would have been to make the zipper pocket waterproof to further protect small water sensitive valuables.

Medical grade neoprene stretch web is used for the leg attachments. However, I found that the excess loose neoprene leg straps tended to flap around. They can be tucked in and/or wrapped to keep them from flopping, but I would have preferred it if there was some built-in simple capability to control the excess straps. The logo on the SUP-SIP even doubles as a safety reflector to keep you visible to others.

During my testing, I found that the SUP-SIP is a very useful alternative to mainstream water-carrying techniques. I utilized it on various day hikes, as well as bike rides, and it held up just fine. It provided easy and quick access to my water when I needed it. The materials are good quality and the sewing seems fairly durable. I think the SUP-SIP can easily survive most outdoor adventures.

Luckily, the Hydra Quiver SUP-SIP is not only attached to your leg. An adjustable waist strap with buckle keeps the holster from slipping off your lower limb and holds the majority of the water bottles weight. The leg straps mostly add stability. The SUP-SIP is ambidextrous, allowing use on either the left or right leg. Walking with this on your leg does take a little getting used to at first. I recommend switching which leg it’s attached to every hour or so if doing extended hiking. Better yet, get a second SUP-SIP and keep one on each leg.

The water bottle is held in place in its holster by an elastic band fastened around the neck of the water bottle. The elastic band has a button snap attached that connects to the SUP-SIP holster. This design is quite successful at keeping the water bottle in place, even while biking or jogging. The water bottle itself has a nice rubber-drinking spout that removes the risk of bumping your teeth against hard plastic. A nice addition would have been to utilize a water bottle with a built-in water filter. That way it could be refilled from a stream or lake if necessary.

If you are tired of the same old boring water bottles and you like to get out and do some exploring, then you should definitely check out the Hydra Quiver SUP- SIP and other products by Orange Mud.

Made In USA
Price: $69.95
For more information, please visit the following web-link: http://www.orangemud.com/products/hydraquiver-sup-sip

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the [Hydra Quiver SUP-SIP] for free from [Orange Mud] as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

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