Force 10 RS Cargo Pants

What good is an awesome jacket for rugged adventures if you don’t have pants to match? The Force 10 RS Cargo Pants by Triple Aught Design are built to be the perfect match. These pants have enough features to bring James Bond to tears.

They feature 10 pockets, two of which are hidden passport pockets in the rear interior. The two main cargo pockets on each have multiple internal dividers so your tools, gear, and gadgets don’t get all jumbled together. Triple and double stitching are used throughout these pants to help them withstand all the abuse you can throw at them.

A couple other nice touches are the D-rings that are in both cargo pockets as well as above each of the front pockets near the belt loops, and the Adjustable Leg Drawstrings at the bottom of each pant leg are a great addition. This really comes in handy for keeping these pants securely attached over your boots to keep out rain, cold, and bugs.

My personal favorite feature these pants provide are the special kneepad pockets where you can insert two different kinds of kneepads. Unfortunately, Triple Aught Design did not provide me a pair of either style of kneepad so I cannot vouch for their effectiveness, ease of use, or comfort. If there was any missing feature that I would request be added to at least one of the pants made by Triple Aught Design it would be the addition of a pair of zip-off pants that would allow these to be worn as pants or shorts by simply unzipping the bottom half of the pant legs.

I used the Force 10 RS Cargo Pants during many of the same outdoor activities while testing the Stealth Hoodie LT Jacket by Triple Aught Design such as: mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, hiking in snow, and hiking in the rain. I also tested them in both warm and cold conditions. In cold conditions, they provided ample heat retention, and in warm conditions they provided a fair amount of breathability. I recommend utilizing some form of waterproofing for these pants if you plan on being exposed to wet weather for an extended period of time. They performed quite well in the rain when treated with weatherproofing.

Compared to all the pants I have ever owned, this pair definitely ranks in the top 10. I highly recommend these pants to anyone who is looking for pants that will keep up with an active outdoors lifestyle.

Available in the following colors: ME Brown, Deception, & Battleship Grey, Chimera, Multicam, & Tarmac.

Made in USA

Price: $119

For more info, visit the following link:

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