The Reversible Napsack sleeping bag/coat

While camping, have you ever taken a lot of time getting all tucked inside your sleeping bag all nice and cozy and then just as you settle in for the night, you realize that nature is calling? I have, and man, that’s frustrating. Maybe you would like to enjoy the evening outside around camp, but the temperature is dropping too quickly, and you wish you didn’t have to climb into your tent and sleeping bag just to keep the cold at bay? Well, “The Reversible Napsack” by Poler easily and conveniently solves both these problems. Simply put, “The Reversible Napsack” is a sleeping bag/coat that you can wear while walking around. “The Napsack” eliminates the need to carry both a warm coat as well as a sleeping bag by combining the two into one. This makes it perfect for trips where packing light is a necessity.

It is primarily designed to use in mild climates or seasons such as summer. I don’t recommend it for cold weather camping. The bottom of this sleeping bag doesn’t dead-end as a standard bag does. “The Reversible Napsack“ is actually open- ended with a drawstring that converts it from a sleeping bag back into clothing in seconds. It also has two zippered armholes, a full torso front zipper, an insulated hood with drawstrings, two side pockets and one chest pocket with a pass-through hole for headphones. This all packs into a stuff sack that is considerably smaller than most sleeping bags and also has loops along the side of the stuff sack that will assist you in attaching it to a backpack or even allow you to hang it from your belt.

In my testing, I found “The Reversible Napsack” to be quite comfortable to wear, easy to use, well built, and effective for its intended use. Although you might not win any fashion awards while wearing it; it is certainly warm, comfy, and convenient. It’s a great item to keep in the trunk of your car for all those unexpected last minute adventures, or if your car breaks down on the side of the road in the middle of no place. With “The Reversible Napsack,” you’ll always be ready. I highly recommend it.

Color options: Black/White, Camo/Orange, Green/Blue, Olive, Rainbow/Navy, Treetop Camo.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Made in China

Price: $130

For more information, visit the following web link:

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