Biologic Blast Airhorn

Make those little ding-dong bike bells cower in fear with the Blast Airhorn from Biologic. More importantly, this horn is a safety device. Unlike those common bike bells, the Blast Airhorn is extremely loud, thus making your presence known to cars while going though a dangerous intersection. I don’t necessarily recommend it, and it may not be the civil thing to do, but this will also let you finally honk back the next time some jerk driver is blaring their car horn at you or if a car almost pushes you off the road.

The Blast Airhorn is capable of putting out up to 115 decibels of trumpeting glory. That, combined with its ability to fire off 30-50 blasts before needing to be refilled by way of any regular bicycle pump, makes this biking accessory very effective. So, if you carry a mini bike pump, you can blast away on your horn to your hearts content knowing you can quickly refill it at anytime. To top it off, the whole thing weighs in at less than 100 grams, so there’s no worry about adding too much weight to your bike.

I have used the Blast Airhorn on bike rides in the mountains of Northern Idaho in the winter, on the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington state, all over the San Francisco Bay Area, around remote areas of Northern California and even in Death Valley. Not once did the Biologic Blast Airhorn fail me.

Installation of the horn is straightforward and very similar to most other bike accessories that strap to your handle bar. It even has a quick release capability so you can remove the horn when you are not on a ride, thus it won’t get stolen. This also comes in handy if you want to use it off the bike, such as when kayaking to make your presence known to other boaters, or to scare off wildlife when hiking in bear and mountain lion territory, or even at night on a city walk to ward off a would be attacker!

The compressed air bottle is also quite easy to install on whichever part of your frame you would prefer. It’s about the size of a standard water bottle and even looks like one, so it easily blends right in with your other equipment. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, which includes Velcro and zip ties. If you happen to have a spare water bottle cage, you can forgo the mounting hardware and simply slip it in just as you would a water bottle.

I consider the Blast Airhorn from Biologic to be one of my top 5 must-have bicycle safety devices – the other 4 being high visibility clothing, a helmet, front/rear/side LED lights, and last (but certainly not least) common sense.

Made in Taiwan
Price: $34.95
For more information, visit the following links:

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