Hydra Quiver Back Mounted Water Bottle Holder

Everyone needs water, especially when out on a summer adventure. The constant issue is how do you carry that water comfortably. If you are riding a bicycle, you probably have a bottle cage on your bike frame, but some bikes don’t have that, especially fixies. Then, of course, there are those water bladder backpacks. They are nice, but they tend to make your back really sweaty, and if you’re not going to be out for a long period of time while jogging, do you really need all that extra bulk just to carry some water?

This is where the Single Barrel Hydra Quiver by Orange Mud really shows its worth. The Hydra Quiver is a mini backpack that sits on the upper part of your back. It has a healthy amount of foam padding which makes it quite comfortable to wear. There is also a fair sized ventilation channel up the middle of the foam padding, which allows for very effective airflow.

Not only does the Hydra Quiver allow you to easily carry a full-sized water bottle without it getting in your way, but it also has a zipper pocket that has a built-in internal lanyard and clip attachment. This gives you a safe place to store your smartphone, keys, wallet, and snacks with room to spare! Each shoulder strap has an upside down Velcro flap pocket where you can store 1-2 granola bars for a quick snack without skipping a beat on your workout. There is even a pass- through headphone port so you can enjoy your tunes!

The water bottle has a wide mouth for quick re-fills and is BPA free. The popup drinking spout at the top of the water bottle lid is rubber which is much more gentle on your teeth compared to hard plastic models that are on the market. The logo on the Hydra Quiver is reflective, which helps keep you visible around traffic. Another great way to stay safely visible is to get the high visibility orange or pink versions. If that is too bright for your tastes, there are black, gray, and tan models available as well.

I found the Hydra Quiver to be particularly effective while kayaking. It allows me to continue to have easy access to my water without getting in between my back and the kayaking seat. It also worked well with my CO2 inflatable lifejacket. If using the Hydra Quiver while riding a bike, I suggest coming to a stop before attempting to reach for the water bottle.

If you are looking for an alternative means of carrying H2O, then the Hydra Quiver Single Barrel from Orange Mud is definitely worth considering.

Made in USA

Price: $84.95

For more info, please visit the following link:


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