IceMule Pro Cooler/Dry bag Backpack

Be prepared for the heat next summer with the IceMule Pro Cooler. This is, of course, not your typical cooler. It happens to be one that you can carry on your back as a backpack. The IceMule Pro is essentially a dry bag backpack with an insulated and inflatable layer that will keep your ice pops, soft drinks, and other perishables nice and chilly. All you really need to do is inflate it and add some ice before putting in the food you wish to keep cool, then seal it up to keep the heat out.

The IceMule Pro comes in the following sizes / capacities: Large (20L), X Large (30L), and XX Large (40L). It also weighs in at 5.5 pounds when empty. The outer layer of the IceMule Pro is made of MuleSkinETTM and MuleSkinEVTM, which is a tough 1000 denier tarpaulin fabric for exceptional strength and durability, with a heavy-duty inner layer that is two times thicker than most soft coolers. The top of the bag is sealed with a folding/rollup TriFold DriTopTM System. This makes it nearly a foolproof seal to keep ice in and air out.

The IceMule Pro utilizes the ComfortCarryIMP SystemTM, which consists of reinforced back-straps and ventilated back pads that provide ultimate comfort for long-range excursions. The PolarLayerTM provides the insulation that keeps ice intact and your contents nice and ice cold for up to 24 hours. The IM AirValveTM allows the insulation layer of air to be quickly emptied so the cooler can roll up for storage in its stuff sack.

During my testing, I found the IceMule Pro to be quite easy to use and very comfortable to wear. The seams of the IceMule are rated to handle 65 pounds of weight (not that you would want to carry that much weight around). A feature I would like to see added in a future model would be a padded waist / hip strap of some kind to help more evenly distribute the weight and take some load off the users shoulders.

I realize that though this product is specifically designed to use as a cooler, it is also extremely effective when used to carry non-food items. It can easily be use for items such as a sleeping bag, clothing, and other valuables that you would prefer to stay dry while out on the water or in a rainstorm. I used it for this purpose, and I must say that the IceMule Pro is better than most dry bags on the market. I really like the inclusion of the built-in crisscrossed drawstring bungee cord netting. This is a great feature that allows the user to easily attach a wide variety of items to the outside of the IceMule Pro backpack cooler.

If you want an ultra portable, high capacity cooler that you can comfortably carry while leaving your hands free (and one that also happens to double as a dry bag for your aqua phobic gear), then this is definitely the cooler for you. I highly recommend it.

Made in China

Price: $99.95 – $139.95

For more info, visit the following web links:

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