Wooden Bow Tie from Two Guys Bow Tie

If you like the dapper look but feel that a standard bowtie just isn’t unique enough for you, then “The Classic” wooden bowtie made by Two Guys Bow Tie should take your snazzy look up a few notches.

The Classic is handmade in the USA from Canary wood, weighs in at a feather light 0.10 pounds, and has a centerpiece that consists of silver silk. The neck strap is made of elastic and is connected with a metal hook and loop attachment.

In my testing, I found this bowtie both easy to put on as well as comfortable to wear. Of course, this isn’t the only style available from Two Guys Bow Tie. They carry a wide variety of bow ties that come in various colors, shapes, and made from several types of wood. To top things off, you can also have a custom message etched into the backside of your bowtie. This is a great option if you are considering giving one as a gift.

The bowties from Two Guys Bow Tie are the classiest and most dapper bowties I have ever seen. The quality of craftsmanship is impeccable. If you are in the market for something awesome, these are definitely worth taking a look at. I liked this bowtie so much that I ended up wearing it for my wedding!

Made in USA

Price: $55

Custom Etching: $10

For more information, visit the following link:


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