808 Bluetooth Speakers

If you are shopping for Bluetooth speakers and are sick and tired of seeing all those tiny crummy ones out there then you should consider checking out the wireless speakers that 808 has to offer.

I was fortunate to be able to test three out of their five Bluetooth speakers and have been very impressed with both their build deign as well as their performance. More specifically I tested the HEX SL, HEX TL, and the HEX XL. All three of these speakers sport a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input port that allows you to play music from non-Bluetooth capable audio output devices such as CD players, MP3 players, Tape Decks, Record Players or any other audio devices that have an audio out jack. Each of these speakers feature a stylish protective grill over their speakers. If their was a single feature that I felt all three models was missing it would be the lack of a USB power output port to allow you to utilize each speaker as a backup battery that could recharge your iPhone.

The HEX SL is a vertical cylinder that projects the music it plays in all directions equally using a very inventive cone shaped sound reflector design. It has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery that will play music for up to 12 hours when fully charged and with the volume set at normal/medium. It is recharged with a micro USB cable. Another great feature of this Bluetooth speaker is its ability to fit into nearly any car cup holder. The HEX SL weighs in at 0.84 lbs. and has the following dimensions: 7.15H x 2.55W x 2.55D

Next up is the HEX TL. This Bluetooth speaker is definitely considered a beast in the category of portable Bluetooth speakers. It has amazing bass for its size and puts out bass like speakers several times greater in size. It features a dedicated tweeter, a rear bass resonator, and full-frequency driver. It is the most powerful speaker available from 808. This power hungry speaker requires 8 AA batteries or can be powered by an AC power adapter. When powered from a fresh set of 8 AA alkaline batteries the HEX TL can run for up to 12 hours before needing new batteries. Unfortunately users are not able to recharge AA rechargeable batteries using the power adapter input and no AA alkaline batteries are included in the box. The HEX TL weighs 2 lbs. and measures: 8.07H x 5.4W x 2.8D.

Last but certainly not least is the HEX XL. This speaker definitely takes things up a notch. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers on the market, the HEX XL sports 2.1 stereo audio output, including left and right full range drivers and down facing subwoofer that really cranks out some killer bass for its size. Some of the features that set this model apart from the rest are its built in handle, removable leather strap, and integrated playback controls. Its internal rechargeable lithium ion battery is capable of pumping out your tunes for up to 10 hours before it needs to be juiced up with more power. The HEX XL weighs 1.56 lbs. and has the following dimensions: 4.18H x 10W x 3.22D.

It would be hard for me to choose just one of these Bluetooth speakers after testing them all out. They each have their own perks and drawbacks depending on how, when, and where you plan to play your music. Based on my personal experience I really don’t see how you can go wrong no matter which one you choose. They all are well built, work great, and sound fantastic. 808 is definitely a brand of Bluetooth speaker that’s worth your hard earned money.


Made in China



  • HEX SL: $59.99
  • HEX TL: $79.99
  • HEX XL: $69.99


For more info, visit the following link: http://www.808audio.com/speakers/

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