Adidas Smart Run GPS Watch

This watch is definitely built for those that frequently enjoy going for a run on a daily basis and want to see every performance stat possible. Not only will it record a detailed track of your route and speed using its internal GPS, but it will also track your movement with its built-in accelerometer, and it will track your heart rate with its integrated optical heart rate monitor (no more uncomfortable chest straps).

To review your performance stats, you can either view them from the 1.45’’ full color transflective TFT LCD, 184px x 184px, capacitive touch screen display. Or, you can whip out your smartphone or tablet and use the MiCoach app to connect and sync your data via the watches built-in WiFi. If you enjoy jamming with some tunes while jogging, then you will really enjoy the built-in 4GB (3GB usable) of storage space for MP3 files and/or the included 6 month free subscription to MixRadio. Music is played back by way of the included Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities of the Smart Run GPS watch. This allows you to pair to any Bluetooth audio device. This Bluetooth connection is also utilized for the audio coaching feature.

The 400mAh battery life is dependent on what features are being used. When using voice coaching and/or playing music, you can expect 4 hours of run time. When the watch is set in “Marathon Mode” and no music is playing, you will get 8 hours of use out of it.

One of the improvements I would like to see is full automatic syncing compatibility with the “Map My Ride” iPhone app since that app is so popular and is compatible with so many competing fitness tracking devices. The other improvement would be a firmware update to allow the Smart Run GPS watch to directly sync its workout data to an iPhone app via a direct watch to iPhone bluetooth or WiFi connection instead of the current method of requiring it to connect to a WiFi router. I would also like to see the ability to display street maps, plot a route to navigate from point A to point B and turn by turn voice navigation added to this watch. My final improvement suggestion for the Adidas Smart Run GPS watch is to give it the same capabilities as the many smart watches that are currently flooding the market. This includes the visual, audible, and vibrate notification alerts that can come from the user’s iPhone.

I am definitely impressed with this GPS tracking, music playing, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth, & Wi-Fi wristwatch from Adidas – especially since it weighs in at a mere 2.8 ounces and eliminates the need to drag your phone with you on runs to track your stats and play your jams. I give it two thumbs way up!


Made in China
Price: $300
For more info, visit the following links:

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