Cosmonaut iPad Stylus

If you own an iPad and enjoy drawing, then you probably would benefit from utilizing a stylus. The Cosmonaut Stylus from Studio Neat is meant to be used with capacitive touch screens (iPads) and sports a very simple and durable design that is perfect for those who prefer the minimalist approach when it comes to technology.

The Cosmonaut is quite comfortable in the hand due to its wide grip (imagine a dry erase marker). The entire outer layer of the stylus consists of a very tough feeling rubber material that gives the Cosmonaut great (what I like to call) “gription”. The core of the stylus is made up of solid aluminum, so I don’t think you need to worry about it breaking. It also happens to be perfectly balanced for sketching.

I found the Cosmonaut very effective for use with my iPhone in the wintertime while using gloves. I know you can get all kinds of touch screen gloves these days, but they never seem to fit perfectly or work that great. Sure, other styluses will do the job, but most are so skinny and slick that you can’t easily find them in your coat pocket unless you take off your gloves. The Cosmonaut’s nice thick diameter and rubber coating, on the other hand, makes it nice and easy to find and grab out of a coat pocket. Thus, it prevents your fingers from turning into popsicles when you take them out of your toasty warm gloves.

The business end of this digital quill has one of the best feeling stylus tips I have every used. It glides quite effortlessly across a naked iPad screen (untested with screen protectors). To top things off, the tip of the stylus is user replaceable, which means this thing has the potential to last a very long time.

To sum things up, this stylus is extremely well deigned, easy to use, hard to brake, and built for comfort. I definitely recommend it for anyone who owns a tablet.

Designed and Manufactured in America

Price: $25
For more info, visit the following links:

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