BioLite Camp Stove

The BioLite Camp Stove is an amazing wood burning stove that utilizes a TEG (Thermo Electric Generator) to generate electricity from the heat of the fire. That electricity is used to charge a built-in lithium ion battery. That battery is used to power an electric fan that blows on the fire to help it burn hotter and more efficiently. This allows you to cook your meals even faster while camping. On top of that, the electricity produced from the TEG is also directed to a built- in USB port that you can use to charge up USB powered devices such as your iPhone, flashlight, action camera, handheld GPS, LED lantern, or walkie talkies.

During my testing, I found the BioLite to be very effective at both cooking a meal as well as charging up my USB powered camp gadgets. I especially found the BioLite handy after the sun went down, on dark rainy days, or when camping under a large canopy of trees when my solar panel was essentially useless. I also really enjoyed how the BioLite runs on wood, so I no longer need to purchase anymore white gas, propane, kerosene or butane fuel of any kind. You can add a lot more cooking capabilities to the BioLite when you also purchase the KettlePot and Portable Grill accessories.

If you are considering getting a new camp stove, you should definitely check out the BioLite. It works great, and I highly recommend it.


Made in: China

Price: $129.95

For more info, visit the following link:

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