COGITO & COOKOO Bluetooth Watches

Have you ever experienced the frustration of missing an important phone call, text message, or email? Or even worse, have you left your phone behind at home, in your car, a taxicab, or restaurant? If any of these scenarios has ever happened to you or you want to prevent it before it does happen, then a Bluetooth wristwatch might be a good option for you.

The COGITO and COOKOO are both such watches. They are both made by CONNECTEDEVICE and have essentially identical technical specifications.

Unlike most Bluetooth wristwatches on the market which require recharging every 1-5 days, the COGITO and COOKOO Bluetooth watches do not require any recharging. Each watch is powered by a single disposable coin cell battery, which will run the watch for roughly a year. Furthermore both these watches are water-resistant down to 100 meters. Many competing Bluetooth watches can’t even survive taking a shower.


Here is a quick list of some of the other cool features these watches have:

  • Find phone / find watch mode
  • Selfie camera trigger
  • Caller ID display
  • Incoming call notification
  • Missed call notification
  • Txt message notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Social media notifications
  • Calendar event notifications
  • Low battery alert
  • Dual Time


    All of these features make each of these watches look pretty impressive. Unfortunately after extensive testing of both these timepieces I found the interfaces of the watches themselves, as well as the iPhone app required for them to function, were overly complicated and thus user-unfriendly. On many occasions I experienced glitches and connection errors that could only be remedied by doing one or more of the following: a hard reset of the watch, deleting the Bluetooth pairing, deleting/ re-downloading the iPhone app (from the app store.) But none of these ‘fixes’ were guaranteed to work.

    Fortunately, both the apps and firmware for these watches have since been updated. These updates both eliminated bugs and improved the usability of the apps interface. That being said, both the watch firmware and the app could definitely use a few more tweaks to simplify the interface.

    The most frequent problem I encountered regularly disabled nearly all of the watches capabilities. This issue occurred when the app either crashed in the background or when the app was force quit by the iPhone operating system to free up RAM when the user continues to launch more apps throughout the day. Typically the fix is to re-launch the app when this happens. Unfortunately the user is not notified that the app has stopped running in the background and the watch will stop receiving all notifications, essentially becoming a useless dead weight on your wrist. This could be easily remedied by improving the app so that the user receives a notification to relaunch the app on their iPhone.

    In summary, both the COGITO and COOKOO watches from CONNECTEDEVICE are comfortable to wear while the mechanical and aesthetics of the watches are fairly well designed. However, the button labels on the COOKOO are nearly impossible to read without a flashlight and magnifying glass. The COGITO on the other hand doesn’t even have labels for its buttons so you better either be good at memorization or keep a cheat sheet in your pocket. The app interface is confusing and could, in this testers opinion, use a redesign. Both of these watches have a ton of cool features that sound great, but they certainly are not quite ready for non-tech savvy users.


    Designed in USA

    Made in China


    For more info visit the following links:

    COOKOO Watch $99.99:


    COGITO $119.99 – $199.99:


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