Motorola FRS Talkabout WalkieTalkies

Let’s face it. When you go way out into the backcountry with your friends, the only useful communication you can hope to achieve with your cellphone is using the glass screen as a signal mirror. This is where walkie talkie radios like the Motorola FRS Talkabout MS350R can really come in handy for keeping in touch with other members of your party while hiking, camping, boating, sailing, skiing, backpacking, kayaking or whatever kind of adventuring you enjoy.

These radios are rugged, waterproof, and even float! The Talkabout MS350R comes with a drop-in charging station, belt clip, and a replaceable rechargeable battery pack. These radios can also be powered from NiMH or Alkaline AA batteries. There are 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, which allow you to set up the radios so that you essentially have your own private channel and won’t hear people who are not part of your group. Just beware the range ratings you see on the packaging for any FRS radios may be deceiving. Expect a realistic maximum range of 5 miles and a more typical range of 1-2 miles.

One of my favorite capabilities of these radios is a 7 channel weather band receiver that allows you to listen to local weather forecasts and emergency broadcasts. Another really handy feature that I like is the built-in LED flashlight on the bottom of the radio. If you want to be able to maintain communications with your friends and family when in areas with unreliable cellular coverage, I recommend you take a close look at the Motorola Talkabout MS350R FRS walkie talkies.

Made in: China

Price: $74.99 – $100

For more info, visit the following links:

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