ParaPak Survival Kit

The ParaPak emergency kit is one of the most complete and compact kits I have ever encountered. I don’t know how they do it, but there are over 30 items stuffed inside the ParaPak container (which doubles as a canteen), including a pocket knife, lighter, food, water purification tablets, stove, matches, rope, cooking cup, emergency whistle, space blanket, chemical glow stick, LED flashlight, and much much more.

To top things off, every single item included in the ParaPak is made in the USA. This is really awesome considering most other survival kits contain low quality items that are made in China. After 20 years of camping, I have owned quite a few survival kits. None of them have even come close to being as complete as the ParaPak. Every item in this kit is of considerably higher quality than most other emergency kits out on the market. I have brought the ParaPak on several hiking trips now, and it fits nicely in any day pack or backpacking backpack. I also found it to be a great kit to keep under the seat of my car.

At first I thought that $89.95 was a bit steep for a survival kit, but after taking a closer look at the quantity and quality of the included equipment, I believe it’s totally worth it. Furthermore, I attempted to find all the included items for sale online at the cheapest price possible and what I found is that if you want to duplicate the ParaPak by building it yourself, you will end up spending more money than if you purchased the ParaPak.

Here is the complete list of all the items included: container/canteen / First Aid Kit (20 piece) / ParaPak Survival Cravat ( 100% USA Mil-Spec, ripstop parachute nylon. 36″ x 36″x 53″) / Zinc Oxide SPF / “Space” Emergency Blanket / LED Flashlight / Emergency Chemlite / ACR Rescue Whistle / Water Purification tabs / Lock-blade utility knife / Luminescent Compass / Night Reflector / Hand & Feet warmers / Utility Razor / Bic Classic lighter / 550 Para-cord / Pilot-Space pen / Zip ties / Duct tape (day-glow) / MiniTin Rations kit (includes cooking cup, stove, fuel tabs, matches, candle, tea, coffee, soup base, nuts & candy) / Emergen-C, energy drink mix / Fishing Kit / Small game snare kit / MRE toilet paper / Antibacterial towelette / waterproof & tear-proof instructions.


Made in: USA

Price: $89.95

For more info, visit the following link:

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