Tech4o Discover GPS Heart Rate Watch

The Discover GPS heart rate watch from Tech4o does exactly what it sounds like it does. It’s a watch, it’s a GPS, and it comes with a wireless chest heart rate monitor. Sounds simple enough right?

Well, unlike most GPS watches out there, this one has some features that only exist in a few watches. Most GPS watches really just do one thing: track your run/ride and then let you look at your stats either on the watch or on your computer/smartphone after you finish. Most don’t let you actually use their GPS for any navigation. The Tech4o Discover, on the other hand, allows you to save your own waypoints and navigate to them. This means that you could use the Discover GPS watch for more than just plotting your runs and bike rides. You can navigate with it!

This opens up all kinds of uses such as backpacking, camping, kayaking, geocaching and more. The one downside is that it only syncs with Windows computers. It doesn’t sync with smartphones or Mac computers (unless you run Windows on your Mac). Another cool feature is that it’s USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to ever replace the batteries. It just recharges each time you plug it into your PC to sync your GPS data. If you are looking for a GPS watch and heart rate monitor for jogging, cycling, and navigating that won’t break the bank, then the Discover from Tech4o is definitely a great option.

Price: $149.72 – $199

For more info, visit the following links:

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