Tern Joe D24 Full Size Folding Bike

Whether they admit it or not, anyone who knows how to ride a bike loves the experience, and those that don’t know how probably wish they did. You certainly don’t have to own a bike that costs as much as a car or ride in the Tour de France, nor do you need to wear all that silly spandex, expensive sunglasses, torpedo shaped helmets to be into cycling. You just need a bike. Heck, even my 88-year-old grandfather has a 3-speed trike that he pedals around town everyday.

One of the problems I have encountered with biking has to do with getting your bike to the locations you want to go for rides. If your car is tiny or bike racks are not doable, then the only reasonable option left is a folding bike. Now, when most people think of folding bikes, they imagine a scene from a circus with a bear riding a little clown bike.

The Joe D24 from Tern, on the other hand, is far from that. When it comes to folding bikes, this one is an awesome beast that makes the competition look like children’s toys. As you may have guessed from the title, the main feature that makes the Joe D24 so different from most folding bikes on the market is that it’s a full size adult bike that has 24 speeds, an aluminum frame, 26-inch wheels, hi- tensile steel front forks, SRAM X4 Rear Derailleur, Microshift Front Derailleur, SRAM S250 Crankset, Wellgo aluminum cage pedals, Schwalbe Big Apple puncture protection tires and weighs in at 30.9 pounds. It even has a nice standing foot to keep the bike upright when in the folded position and a magnet to keep the two wheels linked together while folded.

The folding section of this bike frame consists of a Four-Bar Linkage Joint mechanism. I found it to be very effective at keeping the frame safely and securely locked in place even during some fairly rough mountain bike trails.

I especially love the adjustable NVO Axis stem that comes with this bike as well as the quite comfortable BioLogic handlebar grips that have a hidden removable T-Tool which features 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm hex keys built right in. The seat that it comes with works just fine. For me personally, it wasn’t the best or the worst seat when it comes to comfort and fit. I don’t see this as much of a draw back though. For me, bike seats are a very personal thing, and the odds of any stock bike seat being the perfect fit for everyone are pretty slim to nil. That’s exactly why they are made to be easily replaced. If you plan on riding this bike on a bumpy dirt path, then I suggest adding a seat post shock or a seat with springs since the Joe D24 does not have any built-in suspension.

I really enjoyed being able to quickly fold up this full size bike and have it fit in the back seat of just about any car. Plus, being able to forgo the use of any kind of bike rack really helps simplify things. Gone are the days of worrying about low clearances for roof bike racks, or concerns that the nylon straps might snap or come loose, thus dumping your bike on the freeway.

Of course, if you don’t have a lot of room inside your car due to other gear and/or passengers and are forced to use a bike rack, you can run into a problem. The Joe D24 will have some problems when used with bike racks that hang the bike from their frame. Since this bike has a non-standard frame, it is going to sit fairly crooked on the rack, if it even fits at all. The good news is that is has a decent chance at being compatible with bike racks that attach via the bike tire and or front forks.

After my thorough testing, I have concluded that this bike is exceptionally well designed and built tough as a tank. It has great handling that provides a very stable and smooth ride on paved roads, groomed gravel paths, and hard packed dirt trails. It is also one of the easiest to operate folding bike mechanisms I have every used. If you want the convenience of a folding bicycle without the tiny wheel circus act, then the Joe D24 from Tern is one of the best options out there. I highly recommend it.

Frame sizes: S (16″), M (18″), L (20″) Max Rider Weight: 254 pounds Colors: White/Black, & Grey/Orange Price: $600 – $720

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