Bresser Waterproof Laser Rangefinder

If you enjoy activities such as sailing, kayaking, backpacking, golfing, or hunting, then you know how useful it can be if you are able to determine accurate distances to far away objects. The TrueView LR800WP waterproof laser rangefinder made by Bresser will let you do just that.

The distance is displayed via a LCD overlay and is viewed while you look though the lens. Using the LR800WP is really simple. There are two buttons, one of them is used to both turn the range finder on as well as initiate range finding. The other button is used to change between yards and meters.

As its name suggests, the LR800WP is designed to accurately measure distances of up to 800 yards. After thorough field testing, I was only able to measure distances out to around 500 yards max. Any attempt to measure anything beyond 500 yards would result in no distance reading.

The LR800WP is powered by a long lasting CR2 3-volt battery that is user replaceable. It has a 21mm Multi-Coated objective lens, 4x magnification, 8° field of view, 3.8mm Exit Pupil, 12mm Eye Relief, and is focused using the rotating rubberized eyecup. The top and front of this laser range finder is rubberized as well.

If you are in the market for a laser range finder that is easy to use and able to stand up to the wettest of conditions, then the LR800WP from Bresser is definitely worth taking a close look at.

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