CC SkyWave Shortwave, Weather, Aviation, & AM/FM Radio

In our current age of instant information, going off the grid where there is no cellphone coverage can be a welcomed break from being constantly bombarded by news. Sometimes, however, a little bit of news and weather reports can be both fun and useful. The best and most affordable way to get news while out of cellphone range is with a radio broadcast receiver.

The CC SkyWave made by C.Crane is one such radio. Not only can it receive your typical AM/FM radio broadcasts, but it can also receive regional weather forecasts transmissions on the weather band, international shortwave news broadcasts, and HF ham radio communications. One of this radio’s coolest features is its ability to let you listen in on aircraft communications on the the aviation band. This capability sets this radio above and beyond its competition as you will not find many shortwave radios that include the ability to receive air band transmissions.

The CC SkyWave runs on alkaline, lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. When using NiMH AA batteries, the mini USB charge port can be used to recharge the batteries while they are still in the radio. Do not connect a USB charge cable to the radio when Alkaline or Lithium AA batteries are in the radio though.

This radio would be a perfect addition to a car/home emergency/survival kit. It would also make a great travel companion on road trips, or international adventures. If you want to stay informed when you don’t have internet access, then the CC SkyWave Shortwave, AM/FM, AirBand, WeatherBand receiver is one of the most compact and full featured options on the market. I definitely recommend it.


Frequency coverage:

FM: 87.5MHz – 108.0MHz

AM: 520kHz – 1,710kHZ

AIR: 118MHZ – 137MHz

SW: 2,300kHz – 26,100kHz


Made in: China

Price: $89.99


For more info, visit the following link:

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