Rockagator Waterproof Backpack

Keep all your gear nice and dry on your next rain drenched back country expedition with the Rockagator RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter REFLECT Series floating backpack.

When bad weather and white water unexpectedly show up on your outdoor adventures, most backpacks run home to momma, cowering in fear – but not the Rockagator RG-25. This rugged backpack laughs in the face of harsh terrain and adverse climates.

Not only is the Rockagator RG-25 rugged and waterproof, it can also survive briefly being fully submerged if properly sealed. If that wasn’t awesome enough already, this backpack will also float when dropped in water, thus making it a perfect fit for those adventurers planning their next ocean, lake or river voyage.

The Rockagator has many of the features you would want to see in both a dry bag as well as a backpacking backpack. These features include the following: 40 liter capacity, full-lumbar padded support, a water resistant zipper pouch, reflective adjustable shock cord, 20Kg strap strength, adjustable sternum strap, adjustable waist belt, elastic netted pockets on both sides, an easy carry handle, an internal zipper pouch (great for your smartphone, GPS, or action camera), an internal carabiner loop strip so you can attach your gear inside the bag keeping it close to the top for easy access, and built in highly reflective safety patches on both the front shoulder straps as well as on the back of the pack.

During my review, I discovered that the Rockagator RG-25 is well designed and built with quality materials and welded seams. I also found it to be very effective at protecting your gear from being damaged by moisture as well as minor impacts.

The Rockagator RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter backpack comes in three different color schemes: Black/Green, Yellow REFLECT or COVERT Black. Personally, I prefer the Yellow REFLECT model since its highly visible color will help ensure you are visible to others and thereby increase your safety.

In my opinion, the Rockagator RG-25 waterproof backpack is a perfect solution for all kinds of adventures such as camping, backpacking, kayaking, sailing, rafting, and cross country skiing. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to enjoy the rugged beauty of the great outdoors no matter what kind of weather mother nature decides to throw at you.

Made in China

Price: $119.99
For more info, please visit the following link:

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