DockAll D115 – 15W Qi Wireless Fast Charging Sound Hub

Recently, I had the privilege of testing out the DockAll D115 Qi wireless charger / bluetooth speaker from Azpen. It is an awesome all-in-one accessory that’s a perfect fit for your desk, nightstand, or even in your kitchen.

I have used quite a few wireless chargers, but the DockAll is by far my favorite so far. Not only is it easy to align for just about any smartphone or tablet, but it also has three vertical wireless charging coils which allow you to charge your devices vertically as well as horizontally. Another big advantage of the DockAll D115 over most of the wireless charging competition is its 15 watt power output. This allows you to charge your devices much faster than the majority of wireless chargers on the market. To top it off, there is also a 2 amp and 1 amp USB charging ports on the backside of the DockAll. This allowed me to simultaneously charge my iPad on the 2 amp port, my Apple Watch from the 1 amp port, and my iPhone on the wireless charging pad.

I’ve been using the built-in bluetooth 4.0 speakers every day, and I absolutely love the sound quality. Its audio quality is really rich, full, and quite impressive considering the size of the unit. With its built-in speakerphone, the DockAll is now my go to option for talking on the phone as well. When asked, callers said the audio quality of the microphone was really clean and smooth. 

Another cool feature that’s easy to miss is the built-in standalone mp3 player and micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to 64GB SD cards. I think this is a great feature to have on this device because it allows anyone to quickly start playing some tunes without the need to connect to bluetooth. Considering how inexpensive 64GB cards are these days, I plan on dropping all my favorite songs on one and permanently leaving it installed in the DockAll so I can listen to my jams anytime I want.

I especially like using the DockAll for watching YouTube videos and FaceTime calls on my iPhone. The viewing angle is just about perfect. I can quickly hit play on a video or start a video call with family and with the wireless charging, I know my phone battery will be topped off when I finish my calls or video watching. That is all without having to dig around for a charge cable! My wife is definitely going to want one of these considering that due to the convenience of using the DockAll, I now end the day with my phone still full and hers is dead or close to it.

The DockAll has a ton of cool tech features, and it really simplifies living with a power hungry smartphone, but I think what I like most is its stylish modern design. Bravo Azpen! It feels like it would fit right in just about anywhere in my home. Personally, I think it would be really effective to have 2 – 3 strategically placed around the house and office. 

I highly recommend the DockAll D115 Qi wireless charger from Azpen for anyone who enjoys music/movies, likes to talk on speaker phone or do video calls, or regularly finds themselves hunting for a charge cable. It would definitely make a great gift for the holidays!

For more information on this product and others from Azpen, visit the following link:

Price: $199.99

Designed in USA

Made in China


  • 15W Qi Wireless Fast Charging Built-In
  • Three vertical charging coils
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual Hi-Fi Speakers 4OHM 5W with dual reflex ports
  • LED Qi charging indicator light
  • Dual USB Charging Ports: 1 AMP &  2 AMP’s
  • DC Power Port
  • MicroSD Card slot expanded to 64GB (card not included)
  • 7.2″ H x 6.5″ L x 4.0″ W
  • 12.32 oz.
  • Colors: Glossy Black finish
  • Includes –  DockAll, Power adaptor & Manual (phone not included)
  • Compatible with these and other Qi Wireless Charging devices: iPhone: 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11MAX. Samsung: Galaxy S20, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2, S6, S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, Note 8, Edge S6, S7. LG: K92, Wing, Valvet, V60, V50, V30+, V30, G6, G7. Any other Qi Wireless integrated smartphones, tablets,  cases, or devices.

Front Panel Controls:

  • Answer and Mute Phone Controls
  • Volume Controls
  • Play/Pause/Forward/Back/ Next Button

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